Help local students in your area

by offering a work experience placement to young people in education.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be helping a young person improve their employability skills – this will benefit the whole area and your industry.
  • Young people are given a real chance to see the world of work for themselves.
  • You will be influencing the competencies and skills that young people need for work.
  • Having work placement students will enhance your kudos and can be used in your marketing campaigns.
  • Participation contributes to your corporate responsibility.
  • You are supporting your community.

Help us to help them.

  • Employers do not pay work experience students during the time they are with you.
  • Placements usually last one week.
  • Students are monitored by their school and usually have a visit from a member of staff during the week.
  • You will introduce your company to the students, who will be trained to undertake jobs/tasks that are suitable and safe for their age group.
  • A company colleague will look after the student and liaise with either Diamond Education Service or the school.
  • DES work placement staff will meet you before to clarify the roles and responsibilities and your answer questions.

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Nurcan Ali, Work Placements Manager         

Young people and work experience

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