Every organisation has rules, regulations and policies so that members of its community know how the organisation will deal with a wide range of issues.

There are lots of policies that are required by law and sometimes it is hard keeping up with what is needed.

If you are involved in education, you will know that there are statutory policies and ones that individual organisations use as good practice. You will also know that it is time consuming when updating all your policies.

DES can work with you to clarify the ethos and style that you want to permeate all your policies, write the policies and keep them up-to-date at regular intervals. But writing a policy is only half the story – and DES can provide Policy into Practice training and support to ensure that all staff have the chance to engage with the implications of policies.

If you want DES to save you valuable time – call us on 020 3151 7337 and talk over how we can write your policies and keep you on the right side of the law; or email us: office@diamondeducationservice.com