We have two different sorts of services:

1. Individually Customised Projects meet individual needs and tend to be short or medium time. For instance, we could support a school headteacher with coaching, undertake a short review so you know how well a specific learning area or department is doing, write a bid for additional funding or we could change a run-down room into a modern therapy room.

These are the ‘one off’ type projects. Some of these activities (for example, you might just want your ICT training reviewing and then decide to extend this so that it is reviewed every year) could change to a Corporate Contract and attract a discounted price.

2. For longer or bigger projects we offer Corporate Contracts – these are more suitable for activities that are either repetitive (for example you want your policies updating each year) or regular (perhaps supporting recruitment and interview processes when you take on staff) or a school requires a major refurbishment.

Whichever appeals – they are both totally bespoke and designed to meet your needs. We will design a package with you –we don’t believe a ‘one size fits all’ approach gets the best results – we put the emphasis on dedicated and flexible packages that meet the specific requirements of our customers.

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