Join our Clerking Service

The background

Our clerking service has proved to be very popular with many schools and academies throughout London. This term we are clerking for over half a dozen schools but we need to expand our team as we are regularly being approached to provide clerking to many additional schools.

The role

Clerk to Governors – should you wish to apply to join our team, you will be supported all the way with training so that you can work with a school’s board of governors and headteacher. You will attend a series of school meetings held throughout term time to take minutes and provide support and governance advice to governors. Meetings can take between 6-10 hours to service (this includes preparation of the agenda, attending the meeting, and writing up the minutes).

The requirements of the role

You will like admin and keeping meticulous records as the role requires a keen attention to detail. In addition, you will have an interest in school governance and particularly a passion to provide excellent educational support to your nominated school(s). Over time, your knowledge will increase and you will become an invaluable asset to your board and the school.

Main purpose of the role

  • Attendance at ordinary and extraordinary governing body meetings.
  • Advising the governing board, headteacher, chair and committees on governance, legislation, constitutional and procedural matters, duties and powers as appropriate, including during meetings.
  • Providing effective administrative support to the governing board, committees and provide any necessary follow up actions.
  • Managing information professionally and effectively in accordance with legal requirements, data protection, observing confidentiality at all times and working within the broad current legislative framework.
  • Maintaining accurate records including governing board attendance, membership information in accordance with legal requirements and keep the local authority updated.
  • Keeping up-to-date with the laws and regulations pertaining to school governing boards in order to support them to be fully compliant with statutory requirements.
  • Developing and maintaining effective, positive relationships with all governors, school staff and officers of the local authority in order to enhance the effectiveness of the governing board. 

Our commitment to you

We use Governor Hub to manage our schools and their governance records and we will provide training on this very easy-to-use online governance management system.

There will also be regular meetings for our clerking team with updates and additional training. 

We pay between £17.00 – £20.00 per hour.

For more information

For more information about this exciting role, please contact Lesley Tucker, on email:

If you wish to apply then please complete your details in the form.