Being the headteacher is a rewarding job but also (probably) the toughest and loneliest job in the school, and even with a supportive team around you it can still be challenging. At Diamond Education Service, we have experience of working with leaders to help them improve the quality of their environment no matter what their issue might be. Talk to us and we’ll help you unravel the issues and provide solutions.


Being a governor is a great way to be involved with the local community and to ‘give something back’, but it’s also time-consuming and voluntary and as such can feel demanding and overwhelming. We work with leaders and governing bodies to help them organise and manage successfully so that they contribute positively to the school’s development and also to their own well-being.


Teachers are a key element in achieving quality within the school, but their constant appraisal and pressures of the job require a skilled approach to management as well as their pastoral care. Our team at DES comprise ex-teachers who know about the day-to-day pressures that teachers face and can offer support, training, counselling and advice in a multitude of areas to ensure the school achieves its very best.


Diamond Education Service has a track record of helping heads, teachers and governors achieve their very best. We will design a bespoke training schedule for staff, governors and pupils that is designed to achieve your objectives in a timely and cost-effective way.